AR Shoe Try-On and 3D Display Ads: Lacoste's Digital Innovation

Lacoste's Vision for a Virtual Try-On and 3D Showcase

In the fast-paced intersection of fashion and technology, Lacoste, a brand renowned for its iconic crocodile logo and timeless elegance, has ventured into augmented reality (AR) to enhance customer engagement and bridge the gap between physical and digital experiences. Partnering with our creative studio, Lacoste launched two innovative AR activations: a Snapchat AR lens for a virtual try-on of the Lacoste L003 shoe in eight different colors and an interactive ad featuring a 3D model of the shoe. This case study delves into the process, execution, and impact of these cutting-edge digital campaigns, showcasing the value AR brings to traditional media.

Lacoste's Vision for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Lacoste aimed to amplify its digital presence and deepen customer engagement through immersive experiences. The objectives were:

Innovative Engagement: Use AR to create an interactive and memorable experience for users.

Seamless Integration: Ensure the AR activations were easily accessible and integrated smoothly with existing marketing channels.

Brand Enhancement: Reinforce Lacoste’s image as a forward-thinking and tech-savvy brand.

Increased Interaction: Drive user interaction and engagement with the new L003 shoe collection.

Crafting Immersive AR Experiences: Our Approach

Our AR creative tech studio crafted a Snapchat lens allowing users to virtually try on the Lacoste L003 sneakers in eight different colors. This virtual try-on was designed to be highly interactive and user-friendly, leveraging immersive technology to deliver a realistic and user experience. Users could easily switch between colors and view the sneakers on their feet, enhancing their shopping experience directly from the comfort of their homes.

The social lens was easily accessible through the Snapchat app. Additionally, a comprehensive print and DOOH campaign was launched at the St Lazare train station in Paris. This campaign featured an impressive 5-meter-high poster, which allowed users to unlock the AR experience by scanning a QR code. Key elements of the campaign were also showcased on vibrant LED screens, captivating passersby and encouraging interaction.

Partnering with Teads, we also created an AR interactive display ad that showcased the L003 shoe in 3D. Users could rotate it, and explore its features in detail as well as display it in different colours.


The AR activations exceeded Lacoste's expectations, delivering significant benefits across several key metrics. The virtual try-on lens garnered substantial interactions, with users spending a couple of minutes exploring different colors and styles. The ease of sharing also led to a viral spread, boosting brand visibility. The Teads AR interactive display ad generated: 

  • 64% of IAS viewability rate
  • 8480 clicks (CTR of 0,14%)
  • 354 724 interactions (interaction rate of 6.02%)

The interactive nature of the AR experiences led to higher levels of user interaction and engagement compared to traditional digital ads. This not only boosted immediate interaction metrics but also contributed to long-term brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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