Christmas Packaging, a fully illuminated omni-channel experience

In 2020, the Christmas holidays were (obviously) not going to look anything like it once was. How we usually celebrate with family and friends was compromised for most by the global pandemic 🦠. DIOR wanted to remind us of the magic of this holiday in a different way, by using Augmented Reality to bring to life the magical spirit of Christmas 🎅🏼


The challenge: create a magical campaign that perfectly mixes physical and digital activations

The idea of this collaboration with the French luxury brand was to offer an immersive experience that is both physical and digital, more specifically, in augmented reality.

Indeed, an augmented reality gift for Christmas is good, but a physical gift is better. So imagine a physical and augmented gift combined!

For the experience to be perfect, but above all validated by the DIOR team, we had to respect the following three main constraints:

  • the promotion of gift boxes distributed through +200 DIOR boutiques around the world or sent directly to people who have purchased online.
  • the respect for the brand's latest visual trends
  • a worldwide multi-platform distribution

The challenge was simple... well not that much.

DIOR Christmas gift boxes

Our approach: a fully illuminated omni-channel experience

Inspired by the Luminarie which served as the scenography for Maria Grazia Chiuri's last runway show, Cruise 2021, we have designed an animation of the patterns illustrated on the various gift boxes of the French luxury brand in order to create an illusion of depth and light. The rotating effect of the patterns and the illumination of the DIOR logo bring the logos to life.


Thanks to significant research and development work, we have succeeded in overcoming the technical limitations of the social platforms Snapchat, Instagram, and 8th Wall (for web) in order to offer a result of the quality and level of detail you expect from a brand such as DIOR. A real technical feat when you see the complexity of the patterns.


To allow the campaign to be shared widely across multiple platforms within its community of several million people (website, newsletter, LinkedIn, Twitter...), DIOR used an mR.Cards. The mR Card is one of our latest products, a unique QR code which brings together all the links for the different social platforms associated with the AR campaign in a single URL.


The magic of Christmas has been saved!

As proven by the +350 dedicated articles in the press, as well as the +15M impressions generated overall on the various web experiences and social networks, this DIOR campaign was a real success! We succeeded in creating a buzz for the brand throughout the world and to further strengthen its reputation, but above all helped preserve the magic of Christmas!

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