Augmented Reality Social Media Campaigns: A Case Study on Lacoste x Minecraft Collaboration

The recent collaboration between fashion brand Lacoste and the popular video game Minecraft has generated immense anticipation. To support the launch of this creative partnership, Lacoste approached us to develop a unique set of social media assets, including augmented reality advertising to foster conversation between Lacoste and Minecraft and tease the unveiling of the Croco Island Minecraft map.

The AR content for brands campaign, designed for the launch, was deployed on Twitter and Instagram. It took inspiration from the co-branded campaign's slogan: "Build your style like you build your Minecraft world. With lightness and tenacity. Create a unique look, just like you."

Challenge: Merging the universes of both brands

The project aimed to create visibility and virality around the partnership and the unveiling of the Croco Island map. The famous Lacoste crocodile was redesigned and pixelated by the Minecraft Creative Studio, establishing a connection between fashion and video games.

Our approach involved developing engaging Tweets and Instagram stories to tease the collaboration announcement. We also designed an AR effect to engage users and tell an immersive story, providing a gamified AR experience through UX design to encourage users to explore the Croco Island map, featuring parkour, tennis, and a giant crocodile.

Our approach: Gamification for excitement

The ultimate goal of this experience was to introduce Lacoste fans to the Minecraft universe and attract the game's fans to the co-branded fashion collection. We adopted a user-centered approach, incorporating fun gameplay elements and mechanics in a non-gaming setting: Instagram.

The user experience flow was designed to fully engage and immerse users in the Instagram Effect. The back camera opens with a Minecraft-like brick wall that acts as a gateway to Croco Island. Users are prompted to use a pickaxe to break the wall and access a portal into the Minecraft map. On the front camera, we developed a selfie lens that overlays pixelated avatars onto the user's face.

Lacoste Minecraft Croco Island Atomic Digital Design Instagram filter preview

The result: An immersive glimpse into the Minecraft Croco Island map

The Instagram effect offers a fully immersive preview of the Croco Island map. It generates visibility and virality around the partnership, and incorporating AR content for brands helped achieve a higher lift in brand awareness and purchases. By leveraging AR social media campaigns and augmented reality advertising, this collaboration demonstrates the power of AR content for brands in enhancing user engagement and driving results.

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