Reimagining Rugby: How Orange Enhanced the Sport's Experience with Augmented Reality

In a recent groundbreaking collaboration, Orange, a European telecom leader, teamed up with Snap for the Rugby World Cup 2023, introducing an unprecedented augmented reality (AR) experience in France. This venture aimed to revolutionize fan engagement by leveraging Orange's cutting-edge 5G network and Snap's innovative AR technology, offering fans an immersive way to connect with their favorite sport.

The challenge was integrating live sports data with AR in real-time, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for users across mobile networks. By utilizing SportRadar's live data and crafting an AR lens for Snapchat, fans could enjoy real-time virtual matches, apply team-themed face paint, and even watch games unfold in the sky above, all powered by the reliability of 5G.

This collaboration resulted in a transformative fan experience, blending the excitement of rugby with groundbreaking AR technology. The introduction of France's first AR lens, optimized by 5G speeds, marked a significant milestone. The real-time game data integration further enriched fan engagement, setting a new standard for immersive sports experiences.

The initiative not only captured widespread attention on social media but also showcased the potential of AR in enhancing fan connection with sports. This pioneering venture into AR underscores the limitless possibilities of technology in creating deeper, more meaningful fan experiences, paving the way for a new era of sports engagement.

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