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Revolutionizing Event Activation: Yves Saint Laurent Beauty's AR-Driven Journey from Paris to Global Engagement

Recently in Paris, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty unveiled their YSL LOVESHINE lipstick collection through an innovative pop-up experience, harnessing the power of augmented reality (AR). The brand's objective was to transcend conventional events by creating a unique, interactive environment that immersed the participant into the brand’s narrative through digital play.

Designed to reach broader audiences, the activation will be deployed in Paris first, followed by New York and Berlin. upcoming launch in multiple locations, including New York and Berlin.

Collaborating with Google Geospatial and Adobe Aero, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty developed an AR experience that transformed the product unveiling into an interactive journey. Attendees could use their mobile devices to bring the YSL LOVESHINE Lipstick to life, merging digital innovation with physical presence.

The pop-up event in Paris served as the pilot for this AR experience. Upon entering the venue, guests were prompted to scan QR codes, which activated the AR features, allowing them to explore the product in detailed 3D. 

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s use of AR technology in its marketing campaign demonstrates the power of immersive experiences in enhancing brand engagement: with a total of 458 scans during the event on April 6th. As the project expands globally, it sets a precedent for the future of interactive marketing, proving that AR can significantly amplify audience engagement with brands.

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