Paris Games Week Virtual Stand

The challenge: create an event that is totally virtual

Festivals and fairs are a great way for a brand to be physically present; getting noticed among the masses is the real challenge! In the video game industry, and especially at the Paris Games Week (a major parisian event), our mission was to ensure that the stand for the brand Shadow was a true event within the event that would stand out.


With more than 65 000 users, and a remarkable presence in the press, Shadow is a cloud gaming solution well known for its reliable performance and its value for money. So how can they stand out at an international fair among the biggest actors in this market?

The brief was to bear in mind the nature of the client (an online service) at the center of a fair where people would be physically present in a 100m2 stand. For ADD when coming up with the creative concept, the answer was logical!

Our approach: from the Paris Games Week to a Snapchat virtual world.

Within the industry, the idea of an experience using augmented reality was already old. Augmented reality is merely a platform to ensure more curiosity among the fair’s participants and the will to discover the brand.

For Shadow, we quickly decided to set aside the idea of a stand that is always more decorated in order to be noticed. We wanted to create curiosity with something fair-goers hadn’t seen before, a minimalistic physical experience, using AR interactivity thanks to the Snapchat Lens Portal, the partner of the operation. If Shadow is a major actor of the virtual video game universe, what better than an entire virtual stand? Less is more.

“Our PC is in the cloud, our stand as well”: Was the simple and efficient punchline for Shadow at the Paris Games Week 2019. The brand has a virtual space to welcome its fans. Our device naturally favors the use of an AR portal on Snapchat thanks to a series of snapcodes displayed on a minimalistic stand (even on the staff’s t-shirts) allowing the regulars of the PGW to leave for Shadow’s virtual island directly from the fair.


Working hand in hand with Shadow’s Artistic Director, we suggested a different type of promotion based on the absence of a mobile stand with grand effects and instead a true adventure to live. An immersive experience truly innovative on a PGW stand that was able to entice visitors.

The results: thousands of visitors flocked to Shadow’s stand thanks to augmented reality!

Results: thousands of activations, and visitors attended Shadow’s universe, not to forget fans and industry leads reactions on social networks during the Paris Games Week.

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