Lacoste's UNDW3 Project: Engaging the Metaverse Community with Web3 and NFTs‍

Introduction: Lacoste's Digital Transformation

When Lacoste approached us to help them explore the world of Web3 and take their brand into the metaverse, we knew we were embarking on a groundbreaking project. As an augmented reality creative company, we were eager to help Lacoste create immersive and engaging experiences that would connect with its audience on a whole new level. 

In this case study, we'll dive into the details of the different campaigns we worked on and explore how our innovative and creative use of augmented reality, 3D scanning, and gamification helped Lacoste break new ground in Web3 marketing and customer engagement.

Unlocking Croco Island: The Revolutionary Lacoste and Minecraft Collaboration That Redefined Fashion and Gaming in 2022

Our first project together was the Lacoste and Minecraft collaboration, which was designed to unveil elements of the brand's exclusive Croco Island map within the popular video game. 

It is not the first time a fashion brand has announced a collaboration with video games. Still, this collaboration between Lacoste and the famous video game Minecraft was one of the most anticipated of 2022. 

To support the launch of an exclusive collection for Spring/Summer 2022, Lacoste came to us to develop a unique set of social media assets, including an augmented reality experience to initiate a conversation between Lacoste and Minecraft and tease the unveiling of the Croco Island Minecraft map. 

Designed for the launch, this creative campaign, deployed on Twitter and Instagram, was inspired by the co-branded campaign’s slogan: “Build your style like you build your Minecraft world. With lightness and tenacity. Create a unique look, just like you.

Using a custom Instagram effect, we created a gamified experience that allowed users to explore the Croco Island map in a fun and interactive way, generating buzz and excitement around the partnership.

Lacoste's UNDW3: A Trendsetting Journey into NFTs and Web3

In a bolder move to enter the world of Web3, Lacoste commissioned us to help develop their first drop of NFTs, UNDW3. Featuring the image of the brand's famous crocodile emerging from the water. The collection of 11,212 pieces was launched for purchase at 0.08 ETH.

UNDW3 is a nod to the legendary L1212 polo shirt invented by René Lacoste himself, with the number 1212 being the number of the original design. This launch began Lacoste's foray into Web3 and is part of the brand's mission to connect different communities and cultures.

Through UNDW3, Lacoste is bringing together NFT collectors, Lacoste fans, and pop culture enthusiasts in a shared experience that celebrates the brand's heritage and vision for the future. 

Our creative and strategic partnership resulted in the developing of various visual assets for the campaign, including a highly realistic 3D crocodile animation. This animation became the Genesis Pass, a collection of NFTs.

Furthermore, our team assisted in setting up the Lacoste Discord account to execute the brand's plan of establishing a rapidly growing community of "crocodiles" on the dedicated Web3 social platform.

Emerging in Web3: Lacoste's Innovative PFP Launch 'The Emerge' Bridges Blockchain, Community, and Brand Heritage

In October 2021, Lacoste launched "The Emerge," a collection of 11,212 avatars known as Profile Pictures (PFPs) that live on the Ethereum blockchain. The PFPs were distributed randomly to Genesis pass holders, with specific attributes unlocking benefits such as access to exclusive brand products, world-class events, and meetings with Lacoste ambassadors. 

The French brand commissioned Atomic and Enephtys, a Web3 consultancy, to lead the campaign's creative teams and project strategy. The challenge was to create an impactful digital asset that embodied Lacoste's DNA and resonated with the community. 

The creative process began with designing the crocodile totem of the brand to adapt it to the 100% digital universe of Web3. Different crocodile proposals were presented to the community to have them participate in the decision-making process.

Lacoste UNDW3 - community in the Design Process
Lacoste UNDW3 - voting process
Lacoste UNDW3 - Graphic treatment voting process
Lacoste UNDW3 - Community look and feel final choice

The approach taken for this project was co-creation to integrate and engage the wider Lacoste community in the UNDW3 project. After the crocodile look was unanimously voted on, Lacoste worked with Sliders Studio to redesign the submitted illustrations, create its attributes, and establish a semi-automatic process for creating PFPs. 

Attributes and characteristics of the avatar were developed in close collaboration with members of the brand community, paying tribute to René Lacoste, the brand's founder, and its fashion and sports heritage. 

Celebrating Grand Slam Glory with Digital Exclusivity: Lacoste's 3D Limited Edition Jacket Honors Novak Djokovic's Triumph

Earlier this year, Lacoste announced the release of a limited edition jacket to celebrate Novak Djokovic's victory at the Australian Open. The jacket is a tribute to the tennis star and features only 22 pieces available, representing the number of Grand Slams he has won. 

Lacoste partnered with Atomic Digital Design, leveraging GenARation, our in-house photogrammetry studio, to create a 3D version of the jacket, which was available exclusively to Genesis Pass NFT holders.

To give Genesis Pass holders a chance to own this exclusive piece, Lacoste created a quiz dedicated to Djokovic's career. This limited edition jacket is not only perfect for the tennis court but also for the streets. 

The Innovative UNDW3 Factory Collection and AR Integration Driven by Community Engagement

Lacoste partnered with the UNDW3 community to launch an innovative clothing collection exclusively for holders, led by a virtual persona character named Henri De Gayettes, UNDW3 head of the fashion department, on Discord. 

The UNDW3 Factory project aims to democratise fashion creation and decentralise influence through audience involvement, which is one of the promises of web3. The most exciting feature of this collection is the QR code that will be included, enabling future activations, particularly in augmented reality (AR). 

The community was involved in voting for the proposed AR concept, and we are eagerly anticipating its implementation. We worked hand in hand with the Lacoste Web3 team to provide them with all the 2D & 3D visuals for this unique campaign, which was a thrilling experience for us.

Embracing Web3 with the UNDW3 Project and Exclusive Miami 2023 Experiences

In their latest exploration of the web3 space, Lacoste has shattered rumours that the metaverse is fading. Through its UNDW3 project and Miami 2023 utility, the brand has demonstrated its commitment to innovating and creating unique experiences for its community. 

The campaign offers unique invitations to the tournament and exclusive access to the Simone Suite Lodge for eight gold golf ball PFP holders and 18 tennis racket PFP holders. This unique collection was powered by our partner, Tropee. 

Lacoste's Innovative Roland-Garros Activation through Exclusive NFT Utility

Lacoste's brand activation for the Roland-Garros tournament is a clever strategy to generate hype and exclusivity among their community members. The limited edition PFP update, along with the exclusive Roland-Garros Badge, creates a sense of scarcity and urgency, driving members to compete for the chance to attend the event. This strategy rewards Lacoste's loyal and engaged members, while also generating buzz and attention for the brand.

By creating an NFT market for the special utility attribute, Lacoste leverages the hype around NFTs to further amplify the buzz and create a secondary market for members who are unable to attend. Overall, the Roland-Garros Experience activation shows how Lacoste effectively leverages its brand equity and community engagement to create exciting and engaging experiences for its members.

Lacoste UNDW3: Pioneering a New Era in Fashion through Web3, Community Co-Creation, and Metaverse Exploration

In conclusion, Lacoste's exploration of web3 through the UNDW3 projects has shown the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital fashion and the metaverse. By involving the community in the creation process, the brand has emphasised inclusivity and co-creation as essential elements in building online communities.

The potential for web3 technology to revolutionise the fashion industry is evident through the different campaigns mentioned in this case study. The blockchain gives consumers more autonomy and control over their data, enabling a more democratic approach to fashion creation. 

We are excited to continue to support Lacoste UNDW3 as they explore content, the metaverse, and digital fashion, and we look forward to discovering what they have in store for the future. The project is a prime example of how brands can leverage new technologies to create unique and engaging experiences for their audiences while staying true to their heritage and DNA.

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